Iceland festival unveils a million dollar ticket

A bit steep? Don’t worry – it’s all-access.

Last year, Iceland’s Secret Solstice festival caused quite a stir when it announced its $200,000 ticket, promising one of the most premium festival experiences ever. This year they’re doing it again, and the price has more than doubled.

One million dollars. Seems a bit pricey, what does this amount actually get you at the Icelandic event? The package includes unlimited access to two luxury cars and a six-room villa suite, 24/7 access to personal assistants during your stay in Iceland, full access to tours around the country and the entire Secret Solstice festival, helicopter transport to anywhere within Iceland, a personal chef, as well as two private performances and even a private whale & dolphin watching tour. Not too shabby indeed.

We can only imagine what the logistics must look like, catering to a guest that has just spent one million dollars on a three-day pass to your festival.