• Tailored Product Development

    At G3 we offer the possibility to develop tailor-made accommodations from scratch, specifically suited to your needs, only available to you.

    Based on your requirements, our in-house product development team will design, test and produce the accommodation that you envisioned at the start.

  • On-Site Management

    Our experienced production team is at your disposal, ready to manage your accommodations from start to finish so you can rest easy.

    Well in advance, our experts will create CAD drawings of the terrain to avoid any issues when setting up. From the moment your accommodations arrive, our on-site team will take care of unloading, build-up and break-down.

  • Our Turnkey Solution

    Our unique turnkey solution allows you to focus on your event by outsourcing production, transport and build & break of your accommodations to us. G3 Presents is the the one-stop-shop for you.

    We will provide existing or design and produce new accommodations and make sure they are transported to your event site. On-site, our experienced production team will make your life a lot easier. We will provide CAD drawings, take care of build-up and break-down of the accommodations, as well as product maintenance and housekeeping.