Introducing: Calayan Suite Pop-up hotel

Two weeks ago we announced our partnership with Room45, ingenious producers (if we say so ourselves) of modular hotel rooms. Together, we will start providing uniquely luxurious pop-up hotel experiences at events across Europe in 2016.

Featuring smart solutions for water and electricity, the Calayan Suite can be deployed quickly and is economical and sustainable. Intelligent use of space allows 2 to 3 people to use a Suite at the same time. Every suite comes with a bathroom and shower, climate control, hotel-quality linen, TV and optional Wi-Fi. Furthermore, to ensure your guests sleep sound at night, each Suite is made soundproof using the latest in isolation technology.

Units can be combined to create a peaceful retreat, a sanctuary that offers respite from the hustle and bustle of the event grounds. This way, anywhere from 10, up to 400 guests can be housed in this pop-up hotel – an ideal solution for housing crew, guests, artists or athletes.

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New Products for 2016 – Part I

In a continuous effort to innovate and stay ahead of the game, G3 Presents will be launching a number of new mobile accommodation solutions in the year to come.




The unique thing about the Pampus is, that it is a fully inflatable accommodation. This means that, in spite of its size, it’s set up in mere minutes. It also features a ceiling high enough to house several basketball players, or to place bunkbeds in. Another unique feature are the special zip enclosures, allowing you to link together multiple Pampuses. Once attached together, a covered village is created, particularly suitable for crew solutions. Through these features, the Pampus becomes a versatile accommodation, applicable in a myriad of situations.

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The Flores is our latest customisable rental cabin for the higher segment of event guests. This product will satisfy even the most demanding guest, featuring real doors with real locks, metal beds, lamps, a mirror and even curtains to help keep light out. The Flores also allows you to create a visually stimulating accommodation experience through fully customisable outer and inner walls.

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The Wolin is not a traditional G3 accommodation in that it wasn’t designed to sleep guests. Instead, this product is meant as a shelter for people to gather under. A true community creator, the Wolin is easily deployed and allows for others to pitch their tents around it. Ideal for escaping dreary weather, or the burning heat, this shelter is sure to strengthen existing and accommodate new friendships.

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These products are an addition to our already existing product portfolio. Check out all our products here »

Stay tuned, this is just a taste of what we have planned for 2016!