How Dance Events are conquering the world (again)

Dance music has had its ups and downs throughout the decades, from the birth of house music in the US to the rise and fall of subcultures such as Rave in the UK and Gabber in the Netherlands. It has always retained a strong following in Europe, but in recent years, the rest of the world has been (re)discovering dance music (also known as ‘EDM’). This time through superstar DJ’s and huge festivals attracting hundreds of thousands of dance music lovers.

Last week Amsterdam hosted the Amsterdam Dance Event, an important annual event focussed around the electronic dance music industry. This year the multifaceted, city-wide event was home to hundreds of parties and attracted over 365.000 partygoers as well as 5500 industry professionals, a considerable increase from respectively 350.000 and 5000 in 2014, reports Entertainment Business.

  • Amsterdam Dance Event


The increasing popularity of ADE reflects a global trend of increased interest in dance music festivals. According to Ticketmaster‘s latest report, dance music festivals in the UK have increased by 500% since 2000. Interestingly, this news comes after BBC Newsbeat’s report that almost half of UK nightclubs have closed permanently since 2005.

Across the pond, the US has seen an 80% increase in dance music festival attendance since 2007, according to Keplar Agency. Revered European EDM institutions such as Tomorrowland, Mysteryland and Defqon. 1 are rolling out events in North and South America. Hosting TomorrowWorld in Georgia and Mysteryland in New York, as well as Tomorrowland Brasil in São Paulo and Mysteryland and Defqon. 1 both in Chile. The global dance market grew 12% in 2014 and is expected to hit 7 billion euro next year, with North America alone representing roughly 29%. Keplar further reports that the top-20 global dance festivals hosted over 3.4 million attendees and live revenue alone was 4 billion euros in 2015. This is all very well, but what makes EDM festivals so popular?


Live Nation’s president of electronic music, James Barton, believes the high production value of dance festivals is what makes the difference: “First and foremost these festivals are just much more exciting. As a young person there is just so much more on offer at a major electronic show. People talk about DJs being the new rock stars, but they’ve gone past that. I’ve seen some of these guys produce shows at a level way beyond even successful rock stars. We are living in the ‘age of experience’, simply serving something up isn’t enough, the kids want more.”

  • Electric Love Festival

    Electric Love Festival

The ‘age of experience’ indeed. For years now, dance music festivals have been at the forefront of creating experiences. Fans of the genre have high standards and a lust for new experiences, from Tomorrowland’s  “wearable tech” wristbands, to Amsterdam Music Festival engaging over 300,000 fans worldwide with its live HD stream offerings and ‘3DM Festival‘, the world’s first 3D festival.

When it comes to accommodation experiences, EDM festivals are ahead of the curve. Tomorrowland’s groundbreaking DreamVille has become a world renowned accommodation experience over the last couple of years, offering homes away from home to thousands of guests in Belgium, the US and Brazil and Mysteryland’s Holy Ground campsite accommodates guests in branded tents and luxury lodges on Woodstock’s hallowed grounds.


Vital to the success of any genre, event or festival, are its fans. According to Keplar’s research, many dance music lovers are digital natives, with fans tweeting 30% more about live experiences in comparison to fans of other genres, and 1 in 4 live attendees posting about dance musing on social media during a live event. Strong online engagement of EDM brands with fans can also be seen on YouTube, with the aftermovies of the likes of Tomorrowland, Mysteryland and Defqon. 1 easily reaching millions of views.

With millions around the world embracing the genre, live EDM events are on the way to becoming ubiquitous. Statistics show that EDM festivals are attracting a new generation of engaged fans looking for unique festival experiences, and it is up to festival organisers to to tap into this zeitgeist and drive innovative experiences that will help them stand out of the crowd, pun intended.

All shapes and sizes: Season in review

This week we would like to take you on a journey around the world, showing you a small selection of projects we ran this season. As each event is completely different, we tailor our approach and work with our clients, big and small, from start to finish, making sure their vision is fulfilled.

WILDERNESS – Oxfordshire, UK

Described by The Guardian as “A place where art, intellectualism and fantastic gastronomy share equal billing with music”, Wilderness distinguishes itself as the UK’s most ethereal festival.

Wilderness’ ‘Boutique Campsite’ is luxuriously intimate. This year, amenities included: access to the festival site, luxury toilets and showers, a bar, a restaurant, a chill-out area to relax in. Also included were barrow boys, on hand to handle luggage and a reception area.

Our comfortable Bioko lodge was a perfect match with the English countryside surroundings and boutique camping atmosphere.

Accommodated by G3 Presents: ±100 Guests
Products: Bioko Lodge
G3 Services included: Build-up, on-site standby service, break-down

OPENAIR FRAUENFELD – Thurgau, Switzerland

Attracting roughly 100,000 visitors every year, Openair Frauenfeld is one of Switzerland’s largest open air festivals. Every year the festival boasts an impressive line-up, with 2015 including headliners such as Kendrick Lamar, the Roots and Nicki Minaj.

This year, Frauenfeld’s ‘Premium Camping’ was located at the heart of the festival grounds, allowing its VIP guests easy access to all three stages. The Premium campgrounds included premium showers and toilets, as well as a reception area.

Frauenfeld’s striking black-on-yellow colour scheme transferred onto our Jolo tents through custom logo print, made for boutique camping with a uniformly Frauenfeld look and feel. Sizing up to a 4 person Jolo for 2 persons meant that each guest had more living and storage space.

Accommodated by G3 Presents: ±280 Guests
Products: Jolo Tent [logo print] + Accessories
G3 Services included: Set-up


Over the Memorial Day weekend in May 2014, the first U.S. edition of Mysteryland was held at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, the site of the legendary Woodstock festival held back in 1969.

The second U.S. edition of this festival boasted a campsite, appropriately dubbed ‘The Holy Ground’. The campgrounds were split up into dedicated bring-your-own-tent and pre-set areas and contained showers and toilets, as well as entertainment and food & beverages through the nearby Plaza Central.

The pre-set area of The Holy Ground featured comfortable Bioko Lodges and Mysterlyland-style Jolo Tents, printed with a custom repeat pattern, creating a visually stimulating boutique camping experience.

Accommodated by G3 Presents: ±800 Guests
Products: Jolo Tent [repeat print] + Accessories, Bioko Lodge
G3 Services included: Set-up, build-up, on-site standby crew, break-down


This year, the world renowned Tomorrowland brand landed in South America – Itu, Brazil to be specific. The festival managed to sell out it’s 180,000 within hours of going online. For a few years now, Tomorrowland has worked with G3 Presents to establish its DreamVille accommodation experience, a prestigious mega-project sleeping tens of thousands of guests per year.

DreamVille prides itself in creating communities where EDM lovers come together to celebrate the beauty of TomorrowLand and Brazil was no exception.

Rows of 360° printed Jolo Tents and colourful Awaji Lodges made for a visually immersive experience, as well as offering DreamVille guests the ultimate in accommodation.

Accommodated by G3 Presents: ±4600 Guests
Products: Jolo Tent [360° print] + Accessories, Awaji Lodge
G3 Services included: Set-up, build-up, on-site standby crew, break-down

This is only a selection of temporary accommodation solutions we provided this season. Click here to see our other past projects »