The most expensive festival ticket in the world

As festivals around the world are growing in popularity, demand is driving ticket prices higher and higher. In 2014, a three-day pass to Lollapalooza was $394 on the secondary market. Pop Dust reports that last month, a three-day pass to Lollapalooza reached $635 (± €559) on the secondary market, twice as expensive as the previous year and over $300 more than the face-value pass.

All this is nothing compared to the pair of $200,000 tickets to Iceland’s Secret Solstice Midnight Sun Festival which was held last June. The ticket so expensive it doesn’t even have a name, happens to be 340 times more expensive than its closest relative, the Odin pas. According to Beatport this uber VIP ticket offers two first class round trip flights from anywhere, a luxury villa, helicopter, servants, chauffeur, private chefs, lunch inside a volcano, private yacht party, and private show by a headlining act, plus all the vodka you can drink, basically creating the world’s most premium festival experience.

The festival elaborates:  “First class return flights from anywhere on the planet for two people, a luxury five bedroom villa in Reykjavík for five nights, helicopter transfers almost everywhere including to a private experience at the famed Blue Lagoon, personal assistants, a private car service and driver on-call 24/7, private 100ft yacht party (including skeet shooting and golf), private chefs every night, lunch inside the magma chamber of a dormant volcano, aerial tours of Iceland, and more, this would normally be more than enough.”

“However, this also includes unlimited access to Secret Solstice 2015 and all side-events (including the world-first music performance inside a glacier for only 70 guests), but to cap it all off, the buyer will be treated to a private performance at their holiday residence in Reykjavík by one of Secret Solstice 2015’s headline acts.”

Major media outlets like the Huffington Post are already haling Secret Solstice as the “Next Big European Music Festival”. Only time will tell if other festivals will tread in its footsteps, offering premium festival experiences so lavish and so costly, only the world’s wealthiest will be able to afford them.

New Products for 2016 – Part I

In a continuous effort to innovate and stay ahead of the game, G3 Presents will be launching a number of new mobile accommodation solutions in the year to come.




The unique thing about the Pampus is, that it is a fully inflatable accommodation. This means that, in spite of its size, it’s set up in mere minutes. It also features a ceiling high enough to house several basketball players, or to place bunkbeds in. Another unique feature are the special zip enclosures, allowing you to link together multiple Pampuses. Once attached together, a covered village is created, particularly suitable for crew solutions. Through these features, the Pampus becomes a versatile accommodation, applicable in a myriad of situations.

Find out more about the Pampus »



The Flores is our latest customisable rental cabin for the higher segment of event guests. This product will satisfy even the most demanding guest, featuring real doors with real locks, metal beds, lamps, a mirror and even curtains to help keep light out. The Flores also allows you to create a visually stimulating accommodation experience through fully customisable outer and inner walls.

Read all about the Flores »



The Wolin is not a traditional G3 accommodation in that it wasn’t designed to sleep guests. Instead, this product is meant as a shelter for people to gather under. A true community creator, the Wolin is easily deployed and allows for others to pitch their tents around it. Ideal for escaping dreary weather, or the burning heat, this shelter is sure to strengthen existing and accommodate new friendships.

More information about the Wolin »


These products are an addition to our already existing product portfolio. Check out all our products here »

Stay tuned, this is just a taste of what we have planned for 2016!

Watch: Studio Brussel visits DreamVille

Tomorrowland’s DreamVille campsite in Belgium is a globally renowned accommodation experience, as well as one of the biggest accommodation projects in the world.

Watch Studio Brussel’s Linde pay a visit to DreamVille, which boasts many of G3’s latest mobile accommodation and hospitality solutions for 2016, such as the Awaji and Islay, as well as the latest in mobile accommodation experiences: the luxurious Flores cabin.

Take a look to get a real sense of the massive scale of this project »