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G3 Recap: Mud Masters, Rock am Ring & Amsterdam Open Air

Welcome to the second instalment of our G3 Recap, in which we will highlight a few of the projects we run each month. This month we’re covering smaller projects, two in Germany and a hometown gig: Mud Masters and Rock am Ring, and Amsterdam Open Air. Mud Masters Since its first edition at Haarlemmermeer in the […]

Sustainability at Events

“Going green” is more than just a fad. With the future of our planet on everybody’s mind, and multi-day live events more popular than ever, organizers are struggling to avoid situations that could turn into ecological nightmares. At the same time, festival attendees want to know more about sustainability initiatives. From thousands of non-recyclable tents left […]

G3 Recap: Further Future & Tomorrowland Brasil

Welcome to the first instalment of our G3 Recap, in which we will highlight a few of the projects we run each month. This time, we’re covering two very exciting, completely different projects from April; Further Future and Tomorrowland Brasil. Further Future No longer the new kid on the block, this year’s second edition saw Further […]

Iceland festival unveils a million dollar ticket

A bit steep? Don’t worry – it’s all-access. Last year, Iceland’s Secret Solstice festival caused quite a stir when it announced its $200,000 ticket, promising one of the most premium festival experiences ever. This year they’re doing it again, and the price has more than doubled. One million dollars. Seems a bit pricey, what does this amount […]

Boutique Festivals: A closer look

Ah, the illustrious world of boutique festivals. For the longest time a mostly British phenomenon, these festivals are now everywhere. Collins Dictionary defines the word boutique as ‘a small specialised producer or business’. Sounds great, but how does that actually translate to festivals? What does the word ’boutique’ entail, and how are these events different from their non-boutique counterparts? Let’s take […]

Introducing: Calayan Suite Pop-up hotel

Two weeks ago we announced our partnership with Room45, ingenious producers (if we say so ourselves) of modular hotel rooms. Together, we will start providing uniquely luxurious pop-up hotel experiences at events across Europe in 2016. Featuring smart solutions for water and electricity, the Calayan Suite can be deployed quickly and is economical and sustainable. Intelligent use of space allows […]

G3 enters partnership with Room45, launches Calayan Suite.

G3 Presents and Room45 partner up to launch the ultimate high-end mobile hotel experience. The innovative Calayan Suite brings hotel-quality accommodation to any event. This partnership will deliver the hotel experience to music, sports, cultural and business events throughout Europe. Koen Smits, founder of Room45, says: “G3 Presents and Room45 strengthen each other in their […]

Better Shelter: IKEA and UN deliver 10.000 modular homes to refugee families

With more people forcibly displaced than ever before (a jarring 59.5 million people in 2014 according to UNHCR, the UN’s Refugee Agency), the IKEA Foundation’s Better Shelter program hopes to supply more liveable temporary housing for millions of refugees from Syria and around the world. Better Shelter Better Shelter modular homes are 57 square feet and […]

First Look: Sports events accommodation solutions

In 2016, G3 Presents will be providing a number of custom accommodation solutions for sports events around the world. As staying the night at a multi-day sports event becomes more of a holiday destination, organisers are keen to close the gap between campsite accommodation and hotel experiences. Within our portfolio we offer the possibility of renting or […]

How Dance Events are conquering the world (again)

Dance music has had its ups and downs throughout the decades, from the birth of house music in the US to the rise and fall of subcultures such as Rave in the UK and Gabber in the Netherlands. It has always retained a strong following in Europe, but in recent years, the rest of the world has been (re)discovering […]